Piece-Dyed Cotton NANO


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Piece-Dyed Cotton NANO

【Design & Function】
These NANO boxer shorts feature a gentle texture from the exquisite quality of piece-dyeing. The fabric used is a highly elastic stretchy cotton material on the body and a cotton-based elastic with higher cotton content for the waistband. The piece-dyed fabric has a soft and relaxed texture, where the more you wear them, the more comfortable they become on your skin.

*Note: The color of post-dyed products may shift or fade when worn or washed. Please be careful when wearing with the items of different colors, and wash separately.

As the aspect of garment dye - dyeing after sewing process, the texture of fabric and actual dimension subtly vary apiece. Also, subtle distortion in its shape and some crease are the aspects to be seen as the result of these effects, too. These differences by each single piece are the favorable feature of this product to enjoy.

* Use laundry net when machine-wash.
* Use mild laundry detergent which does not contain fluorescent brightening agent.
* As dark-colored products might lose its color, we recommend to wash it by itself.
* Please fix a shape of the products and dry them out of direct sunlight after a removal of water.
* Do not tumble dry.
* Color staining on other clothes and goods may occur by wearing.
* Friction against light colored waist belts, bags, apparel and other goods causes color staining on them.
* Wash separately from any other laundry to avoid color staining by water bleaching.
* Do not let this product touch to other laundry or fold together with when this product is wet.

Made in JAPAN

Cotton 92%/ Polyurethane 8%

(Waist band)
Cotton 86%/ Polyurethane 8%/ Nylon 6%

Model size: M
(Length 175cm/ Weight 85kg/ Hip 98cm)

Size Chart:
S size: Hip 82-89cm (68-76cm waist)
M size: Hip 88-95cm (76-84cm waist)
L size: Hip 94-101cm (84-94cm waist)
XL Size: Hip 100-108cm (94-104cm waist)
XXL Size: Hip 107-115cm (100-110cm waist)
* 1cm = 0.39inch

* We recommend that you select the item based on the size of your hip, rather than your waist, as the measure around your hip determines how comfortably the underwear will fit.