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Underwear is what you don't usually see in everyday life, but it's the closest-fitting garment that touches the wearer's skin,
as you may have already noticed. TOOT, as a company, is committed to "making underwear with obsession" and
specializes in this everyday item to help you improve your feelings.
On this page we would like to introduce you to TOOT and hope that you will find an overview of the brand.

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You can feel the great expanse of nature from the blue sky and sea, while Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture offers a relaxed atmosphere.

Ever since TOOT's founding in 2000, experienced artisans have been consistently manufacturing products while accumulating creative skills down to the slightest details at its factory in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture.
Its products offer a fit that wraps your body, brought by its unique draping, as well as an overwhelming variety of designs with new products released every week. Each product is created to achieve TOOT's original "UNIQUE COMFORT" that is highly original.
We hope TOOT fulfills the comfort you are seeking.


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Many people who have already experienced TOOT mention that "Once you wear it, you will recognize how different and comfortable it is from other underwear." And they have become loyal customers who wear it every day. The TOOT underwear is meticulously crafted to the extent so that you can't tell the difference wear feel between the inside and outside of the piece, and feel the comfortable fit that will leave you craving for more once you've worn it. The advantage of the low-rise shape, which you may be concerned about, is that the waistband does not fold outward at the waist.

Nearly 10 types of sewing machines are used separately to finish each pair of underwear for the manufacturing process consists of 20 or more steps where the artisans responsible for each part bring their experienced skills on the sewing machine.
We are able to offer a uniform quality of the fit and the product itself, mainly because the artisans, seamstresses and seamsters, do not change their roles for the sewing parts so often.
The completed samples are repeatedly worn by some of TOOT's employees who are responsible for checking their quality, appearance and fit. Quality standards are then improved by making adjustments down to 1 millimeter.

Along with the number of parts and cloth switchings increase, the fit of the underwear to the bodily curves improves. The painstaking switches and abundant design patterns are important factors for underwear emphasis that fits the bodily curves. TOOT does not compromise such an important meticulous process, only hoping that you all will enjoy the feel that exceeds your expectations.



While based on TOOT's classic "Low-rise Boxers" that had a significant impact on the underwear industry in 2000, we continue planning and producing underwear that utilizes various designs. We create and develop underwear ranging from the ones that can be worn with comfort and assurance, to the new ones that have never existed before. They are not just a consumable, but an apparel item that sometimes even proactively utilizes materials that have never been used for underwear to achieve TOOT's unique but comfortable designs that no other competitor has.

In today's society, where preferences, scenes, and moods vary widely, we do hope that these "underwear which might be designed for you" from us will be considered a special piece of garment for its design and fit for you or your loved ones.
It is also our greatest pleasure to see your everyday life spiced up by wearing TOOT.

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TOOT is known for its frontal cup that doesn't tightly grip your delicate area while maintaining stability. It requires highly skilled technical capabilities, including draping and non-deforming flat seamer. Many ideas and knowledge are applied to each underwear and carefully sewn by hand, such as bar tacking which is usually used in apparel to enhance product durability, and in yarn end weaving to improve the feel.
We would be grateful if you could realize such emphasis of TOOT on our products.

The products can be used for a long period because TOOT offers products that emphasize careful sewing. We hope you'll find your perfect ones among our products that you'll love for all time.

Even a millimeter of inaccuracy can be detrimental to the product, especially during sports when a great deal of concentration is required. Nowadays, the impact of underwear on the athlete's performance is gaining more and more attention, such as the materials utilized and the stability of the frontal cup. We support athletes and their competitions, games and matches, such as martial arts, golf, surfing, and bouldering.


Manufactured at TOOT's factory in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture, where there is an abundance of greenery. They are adopted as return gifts for both Miyazaki Prefecture's and Hyuga City's hometown tax donation programs, and we produce limited edition models as a part of the regional revitalization program.

And on the TOOT's official website, we accept domestic and international orders and deliver our Made-in-Miyazaki products to customers around the world.

We also have a flagship store in Tokyo's Shin-Marunouchi, as well as many stockists/distributors in major department stores in Japan. We hope you can touch, hold and feel the actual products to see for yourself. TOOT's underwear has gained increasing attention as birthday and Christmas gifts, and foreign customers visiting Japan also choose them as souvenirs.

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Ever since the founding of TOOT, I have always believed that meeting our customers expectations as our top priority and not giving up on our passion. For more than 20 years since our inception, we have continued to create products that we want to create, and that are accepted and recognized by our customers. That's how we got to where we are today, so there's no doubt about our sense of creation and production.

Since the beginning of our production in the year 2000, as the final hurdle for our products, we have conducted more stringent product inspections than any other underwear manufacturer, I believe.

This would be defined as "TOOT quality," what we say.

And our passion such as; "Underwear that would not be embarrassing to wear inside-out," "To create superb products, spend hours and hours when it is required to be completed," and "We must keep on emphasizing on each and every detailed parts and points where even if there's no chance to be seen by customers," are what define TOOT.

We do not compromise quality by going through the hassle of mass production. We believe that products created with passion through our utmost dedication have a greater value than products that are only attractive in appearance. We take it for granted that we should make products that are well-made, and we have always put our relentless passion and the warmest heart into making them.

Before TOOT was founded, I had never worn a pair of boxer shorts of any kind, and maybe you never have either.

But, when I tried on TOOT's for the very first time, I was really impressed and immediately thought, "Wow!", it's just like our customers around the world are telling us today.

So I truly believe that our new customers will also see the benefits of our underwear. Unlike many mass-produced products, you may think TOOT products are a bit pricey, but we put extra work into making them and we believe you will feel the difference when you wear them.

And now we have a lot of loyal customers all over the world, so we hope you will try them for yourself and become our customer too!


Almost 20 years ago, I was hired without any relevant experience. My first job was manually operating a sewing machine and also to help with the cutting of fabric. And through all these years, as the factory manager now, I am responsible for making various onsite adjustments, such as working with the respectful artisans on sewing work and trying to pay my best attention to their well-being.

I always pay attention to the conditions of each artisan. Some people may feel well or otherwise, including physical health. Since I can only express my gratitude toward them artisans who sew the products under various conditions, I hope to achieve what I can do. I always wonder what's going on around them, such as, "Is there any difficulty in sewing of this part?", "Is she having headaches?", "Is she suffering from stiff shoulders?", etc.

Although it's difficult to notice everyone's issues and/or problems, I try to call out and ask if they are feeling well. However, knowing that my attentiveness has some shortcomings, I'm doing my best to achieve perfection. As I make make efforts to fulfill 100% responsibility for their best work and of the their dedication toward their work, I would be delighted to hear them they say "thank you" to me.

As each of us lives his own life, and in times and days when you have any unpleasant thing, we would be grateful if you could wear TOOT underwear to give yourself some refreshment and relief.


First, at the sample production phase, I check the pattern and see whether the design drawing created by our designer can be realized or not, based on a cutting perspective. The work involves realizing a fabric and sewing work that fulfills the designer's idea.

For example, how should the designer's insistence point be realized, how can this design be fully realized, how will it affect the production cost, how will it affect the production time, and so on.

When creating a sample of a design, we discuss these issues many times to determine its optimal production process. In this way, the specifications are decided. Then the actual production process begins.

Since the one cutting work of the fabric is done on several dozen layers, we experience hardship as we cannot afford to make mistakes. And since the fabric used for TOOT's COLLECTION lines varies in softness and touch, as well as shrinkage factor and tension for each production, there are many factors that we cannot judge unless we see the raw fabric every time, which is difficult. Even our classic fabrics have slight differences due to their lot and etc.

Since I love this job, I would be delighted to hear sales reps say, "Customers have held and see our actual products, achieving sales!" or hear the "Sold out" breaking news from our WEB team. When viewing customer feedback from time to time, they write things that I am pleased to read and even feel the urge to reply to them. Such blessing feedback from customers greatly encourages me. As I always feel that the "products are my children" and when they are worn by many customers, which I can exemplify as "leaving the nest," I would be very happy.

Since this has been my job for many years, I believe that too much simplicity or too many interesting designs aren't good, despite failing to understand customer preferences or feeling a difference in sense sometimes. Although there are times when I'm surprised to realize certain products are selling well, I develop a feeling of gratitude and think, "Thank you for your loyal patronage and always purchasing our products!"


I have been doing exclusively sewing work for over 20 years, and for the last 10 years I have been working on sewing prototypes and/or samples for production. Many years ago, I used to make 7 or 8 kinds of samples for one design, although there aren't many cases nowadays. When I look at the specification sheets of new products, especially those with a complicated design, I would be delighted and enthusiastic about them, imagining the moment when such a difficult design will also be finished up.

However, I always have to look at the effect of how these sewing specs would come out when it moves the production line. It's very important to formulate to achieve the smooth but decent of sewing as much as possible when it moves to the production line.

Although I would be so busy when the delivery schedules for many samples are just around the corner, I should plan the creation process and progress by myself while making adjustments to the sewing machines. The sewing machine adjustments refer to tightening or loosening the thread tension and changing the width between the blades. I would be happy when I can make these adjustments without any problems because the characteristics of each fabric are different. I experience difficulties when stretching and sewing fabric that tends to curl up, or working with materials that cannot be re-stitched, such as leather, because they will have needle holes in them.

Recently, the designs have become more sophisticated and I would like to wear them if I were a man.


We have several inspection processes, and when it comes to the final inspection work, we have to be extremely attentive because the products are delivered to our customers right after that.

Since each product utilizes different fabrics, the inspection point also varies. So sometimes we finally find that some pieces do not pass our final inspection for a more detailed point.

I'm always very careful so that we do not betray the excitement of our ordering and purchasing customers when they open the box.

In our sewing site at the factory, there are many female workers who enjoy our work, while creating a harmonious atmosphere and always thinking about providing high-quality products.

Every time when I touch and inspect the products, I think, "This must be a comfortable fit," hoping that customers will continue to wear them.


Since the day I joined TOOT, I have been working over 20 years, and currently manage the packaging and shipping site.

As the products come in various forms with size variations from S to XL and sometimes XXL, I propose how to fold them and put them in the package so that all the sizes of a design can look the same with regularity.

I always think and propose how to fold them so that the characteristic points of each underwear design can be easily found at a glance.

Although I myself cannot tell much about some aspects of our products, but my husband uses them and he always tells me that he likes how they comfortably fit.

If I were a male, I would have loved to wear a vivid colored ones. Therefore, I suggest that you all try them out once!


Since more than 20 years ago, I have been ordering, managing, and applying cut rubber to materials at the sewing factory.

It must be time for me to train and educate the young artisans as well, I should say.

Since I currently working at the front end of the production line, my main job is to make the preliminary preparations, such as properly preparing the waistbands so that there won't be any delays in material delivery, or checking the order status to prevent material shortages so that they flow smoothly when they are placed on the production line. The COLLECTION production is concentrated during each season, so we can tell how much material we need to order and prepare. But when we receive a separate production schedule for BASIC products at once, we experience difficulties when we need to order for a separate line other than the regular line, as the consumption amount increases. And, since waistbands are supplied in very large quantities, then we need to cut them in large amounts as well. But as this tends to slow down the making of the quality/care instruction label and halt the manufacturing process, so I try to be very careful.

I feel the greatest relief when all the huge amount of the waistband cutting is done in the right direction with the required amount, and the production starts to flow.

A long time ago, to tell you the truth, I once made a mistake about the cutting direction of the classy expensive silk woven waistband!

Although I sometimes get curious and see what other underwear manufacturers do with their sewing work, I must admit that ours are well-done! I am especially concerned about the waistband sewing work, but I am impressed with how well ours are done.

I hope you can see these differences between us and other manufacturers.


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These have been popular among our customers for many years as entry-level models, and comprise a product line that offers simple designs while providing TOOT's comfortable fit experience. Since they are repeatedly manufactured, you can also purchase them repeatedly if you like them.
Although they are entry-level models, they are offered in a wide variety of forms, colors, and materials. We recommend that you pick and wear the colors that match to your mood or the clothes you wear.

We have kept their price reasonable so that many people can try them out as their first TOOT.


TOOT releases a collection for the Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter seasons, utilizing seasonal themes for their design. The new products released weekly for the COLLECTION line utilize diverse designs that stimulate your temptations to collect them. Since we own our factories, we believe in achieving certain things, so we strive to realize underwear with new designs is what only we can do, while actively engaging in new ideas.

Sold in the first run limited and will not be remanufactured.

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We also have a flagship store at Shin-Marunouchi Bldg in Tokyo, as well as a large stock at major department stores. We hope you can hold and feel the actual products to see for yourself. They have become increasingly popular as birthday and holiday gifts, and foreign customers visiting Japan also purchase them as Made-in-Japan souvenirs.

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In closing,

Thank you very much for reading this far.
There are many aspects of TOOT's appeal and commitment that could not be fully conveyed through text and images on this page alone.
So if you have any questions or concerns about our products, please feel free to contact us via the contact form

We sincerely hope that our unique comfort products can add something special to your everyday life.

From all of us at TOOT