Size Guide And Rise Variations

* Some products may not fit into these categories depending on the product design and specifications. Please refer to these as a guide only.

A little low

Ultra Micro Boxer

This is the TOOT's most basic standard low-rise boxer's variation; i.e. BASIC's product numbers BC109240, BC060300, and BC23G370, and COLLECTION's product numbers begin with “CB”.


NANO Boxer

This is a TOOT's popular low-rise boxer's variation; i.e. product numbers BC150280 and BC24H360 among BASIC, also product numbers begin with “NB” for COLLECTION.


Super NANO Boxer

This is a TOOT's lowest-rise boxer's variation which has a product number begins with “SN”.

SIZE GUIDE S-size M-size L-size XL-size XXL-size
WAIST 68-76cm 76-84cm 84-94cm 94-104cm 100-110cm
HIP 82-89cm 88-95cm 94-101cm 100-108cm 107-115cm
WAIST 68-76cm
HIP 82-89cm
WAIST 76-84cm
HIP 88-95cm
WAIST 84-94cm
HIP 94-101cm
WAIST 94-104cm
HIP 100-108cm
WAIST 100-110cm
HIP 107-115cm

* The fit around the hips, rather than the waist, has more to do with comfort. So we recommend choosing the product size based on the hip size range reference among the above list which matches your measured hip size.