• My order didn't go through. What can I do?

    Please contact our Customer Care Team via live chat, contact form or

  • My order has been declined – do I need to place a new order?

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  • Why should I set up an account?

    By creating an account, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, manage your personal information, and track your orders. We also offer exclusive campaigns for members only, such as 5% points return, discount coupon and more. Create your account here.

  • How to redeem coupon code?

    The ''Enter Promo Code'' box is inside your shopping cart. Click on the shopping cart icon and it will bring you to the page where you can apply the coupon code under ''Enter Promo Code'' box.

  • Can I change my order after it is placed?

    Please contact our Customer Care Team via live chat, contact form or

  • Can I choose the currency that I prefer?

    The currency depends on the ship-to-country and is fixated automatically upon check-out.

  • What forms of payment does TOOT accept?

    TOOT accepts the following forms of payment: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, JCB, DinersClub, Discover card, Alipay, Wechat Pay and PayPal.

  • When will my credit card be charged?

    Your credit card will immediately be charged upon purchase.

  • How do I reset my account password?

    Please click " Login" and hit the "Forgot your password?" button, then enter your email address to receive a password reset link.

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    Without logging-in:
    You can either subscribe when you get the newsletter pop-up box, or you can scroll down to the bottom of each page until you see the ''Subscribe Newsletter'' box on the right-hand side.
    After logging-in:
    Go to 'My account' >> ''Email Subscription'' and click ''Edit''

  • How can I unsubscribe to newsletter?

    After logging-in, go to 'My account' >> ''Email Subscription'' and click ''Edit''.

  • How can I cancel my order?

    Please contact our Customer Care Team via live chat, contact form or

  • How do I order online at TOOT global ?

    Start shopping with us by using your preferred delivery country - ''Shipping Destination'' at the bottom left of our website . Shop by category to select your item. Click “Add to cart” to add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout. You can also search for your preferred item by using our search function. Choose to place your order as either a guest or sign into your TOOT account for a speedier, more efficient check out. To complete your purchase, enter your data including shipping address. Then click on '' Next- Payment'' to fill in your billing address and payment details. Check all required details are filled properly and hit ''Place Order''. Your shipment should now be on the way! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care Team by via live chat, contact form or

  • Do you offer gift-wrapping?

    An original bag with a satin ribbon for a gift-wrapping for a fee is available. You can choose from the OTHERS items list among the page top menu or click here.
    Please add this gift bag to your cart with the item(s) you purchase and place the order, then the gift bag will be included in the package which is shipped to you.
    But please be forewarned that we do not offer the wrapping.


  • How fast is the delivery?

    Your order is expected to be shipped within 1-2 business days. Our customers typically receive their orders within 5-7 days of shipping.
    Most East Asian countries and North America: 4-5 days
    Rest of World: 5-7 days

  • Where do you ship my order from?


  • Can I have my item delivered to a PO box?

    Unfortunately no.
    If you choose a delivery address other than your own address,
    1) The package of your order is transported and delivered by DHL to the address to the receiver as an importer. So, at placing your order, please register the address of your resident first.
    2) To deliver the package of your order to your local service point (i.e. convenience store etc.), please follow below procedure;
    After we send you another email to notice the tracking number/waybill number for your package, please access below DHL service site. You will be able to login with the waybill number (tracking number), then you can change its address to be delivered to your local DHL service point to receive it.
    "On Demand Delivery" service URL:

  • I cannot find my country on the country selector. Can I still order from you?

    Certainly. If your country is not listed on the country selector, please select 'Other Locations'. Please note we do not ship to below countries from global site:
    North Korea
    Sudan/South Sudan


  • Do I need to pay taxes and duties to the courier upon delivery?

    We ship on a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) basis, which means that all custom duties are included in the product price. There may be instances in which additional taxes need to be paid. Any such additional taxes will be calculated according to your specific address and itemized at checkout.

  • What should I do if the courier asks me to pay taxes and duties?

    Please contact our Customer Care Team first via live chat, contact form or


  • Will the out-of-stock item be restocked again?

    Other than our BASIC line products (Item No. starts with BC), the rest of the products are only produced once with limited quantity. Hence, there is basically no restocking. That said, there is a possibility that restocking will occur irregularly due to cancellations and returns. When there is a exceptional reproduction on some products, we will inform customers who have registered as members of the official website through newsletter and social media channels.

  • Can I purchase a product that I have seen from your Japan website?

    Of course. We will gladly accept your request if the item is still available. Please contact us from Contact Form.

  • Can you check the availability of a product in local store?

    Sorry, we do not have inventory information for these local stores, either physical or online.
    So please contact the store concierge for the availability of the item at their store.

  • Where can I purchase TOOT products offline?

    You can find our physical and online stores at STOCKIST.


  • How do I accumulate reward points?

    Firstly, you have to sign up to become a member to accumulate reward points. Currently, we offer points on each purchased product. Points can be spent from 1 point = 1 yen (or equivalent currency). If you are already a member, you can also view your current points (in respective currency) on My Account > REWARD POINTS after logging in.

  • What is birthday reward points?

    You will receive 1,000 reward points in your birthday month. Please note that your registration must be completed by the 20th of the month prior to your birthday month for this to take place. We release the birthday points of upcoming month at the end of each month. If you do not make any purchases after registration, your reward points will expire at the end of the month in which your birthday occurs.

  • How do I check my reward points?

    Simply log in to your account, you can view your current points (in respective currency) on My Account > REWARD POINTS.

  • How do I redeem reward points?

    Under payment section, you will find a box in which you can enter the points you wish to use. You do not need to put decimal number. Click on ''Apply reward points''. There is no limitation on how many points you wish to use per order. If you change your mind and do not want to apply the points on the order any more, simply put 0 in the box and click on ''Apply reward points'' again.

  • Will my reward points expire?

    Your points are valid for 13 months from the date of purchase.

  • When do I get my reward points after purchase?

    The reward points of your current order will be released 7 days after shipment.


  • What is the return policy?

    ・Returns and exchanges must be initiated within 5 days from the date of arrival and items must be shipped by customers within 5 days from the date of sending returns request.
    ・All returned underwear must be in their new and original condition: unopened, unused, unwashed, unworn, and with tags attached.
    ・Unless the product has a defect or you receive an incorrect item, you have to cover the return shipping fees.
    ・If you receive the wrong item, please contact us immediately.
    ・Returns that do not meet the above requirements will not be accepted.
    ・For returned items for exchange or refund, that have no original damage or defect, our proper inspection will be conducted after the returned product arrives at our company. Before accepting the exchange or refund, we will confirm that the item is still in the condition of factory inspection passed, that there is no stain, damage, defect or odor to the item.
    ・You will be responsible for all costs in relation to returns/exchanges, including return shipping costs, duties and taxes.
    For details, please refer to our return policy.

  • Can I return a product that was bought during sale?

    Yes as long as the products meet our return policy.

  • Do I have to bear the return shipping costs?

    Yes. You will be responsible for all costs in relation to returns/exchanges, including return shipping costs, duties and taxes.

  • What is the estimated return shipping costs? Is it close to the shipping fee quoted on the website when the order is below free-shipping threshold?

    Please contact your preferred courier with tracking service to your quote. The shipping fee quoted on the website under free-shipping threshold is not a reference for the actual return costs.

  • How can I return my order?

    First check if your order fulfills the return policy and contact our Customer Care Team via live chat, contact form or for next steps.

  • How long does it take for a refund to be issued?

    Refunds in the original form of payment may take up to 10 business days to show up on your account due to varying processing times between payment providers. If you do not receive your refund after 10 business days, please contact Customer Care Team via live chat, contact form or next.

  • What should I do if the product I have just received seems defective?

    Please contact Customer Care Team via live chat, contact form or immediately.


  • What is the TOOT story ?

    TOOT underwear is passionately made through a series of hand works that can be done only by the skilled artisan. Three-dimensional sewing with a four-needle sewing called flat seaming and other skill sets of such an artisanship makes TOOT possible in our own factory in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Pref., Japan since 2000.


  • How do I choose TOOT underwear that is suitable for me?

    Please refer to the size chart, which is indicated on each product page, below the product descriptions. We recommend that you select the item based on your measured hip size, rather than waist. As our underwear are low-rise, so the fit around your hip determines their comfort. Please also refer to the page on TOOT's SIZE GUIDE AND RISE VARIATION.

  • What kind of product categories do you have?

    The categories of TOOT underwear are roughly divided as follows;
    ◆ BASIC (BC): This is a standard TOOT product that is produced repeatedly every now and then.
    ◆ COLLECTION : Normally released every week in limited quantity and designed based on the theme of the season, and has no reproduction for the same item basically.
    3 main types of TOOT underwear:
    1. Boxer : TOOT's pronoun low-rise boxers with variation in the rise design.
    ・ULTRA MICRO Boxer (CB): Boxer with a typical rise for TOOT, and is easier to wear and recommended as a gift for anyone.
    ・NANO Boxer (NB): The most popular rise among TOOT boxers, and they may let you feel the TOOT-ness more than other rises.
    ・Super NANO Boxer (SN): The lowest rise boxer among TOOT, which is recommended for the people who likes snappy and attractive look.
    ・Long boxers (LB, SB): Named for the in-seam reaches above the knee. Recommended for those who play sports or are concerned about crotch misalignment.
    2. Trunks : Trunks that apply the frontal cup, which is a typical feature of TOOT.
    ・Fit Trunks (FT): Trunks with frontal cups for a stable and comfortable fit.
    ・Hybrid Trunks (HT): By sewing the inner cups made with soft clothes to the main body fabric, so to bring the benefit of both wear-light feel and ease of movement.
    3. Bikini :
    ・Cup bikini (CV): A low-rise bikini features a frontal cup, which is an iconic technique of TOOT by draping and flat-seamer for comfort in the front area.
    ・Flat bikini (FF, DF): Bikinis without frontal cups like CVs but can create a natural and comfortable fit.

  • Where are TOOT products manufactured?

    The underwear we sell is meticulously crafted one by one by skilled artisans at our own factory located in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture. Every piece of underwear is carefully crafted with great attention to detail.


  • May I know the underwear is in Asian size or European size?

    TOOT uses the Japanese Industrial Standards as the basis for size notation.
    Actual measurements are shown in the size chart of each product, so please select your size with reference to your hip size.

  • Do I need to size down when buying swimwear?

    To prevent the swimwear from coming off in the water, they are designed to fit snugly and are therefore smaller than our regular boxers.
    However, the swimwear is made to the same size as our regular underwear, so we recommend choosing the same size for both regular underwear and swimwear to ensure the best fit.

  • How do I choose my size?

    To ensure accurate sizing, we recommend measuring the highest part of your hips parallel to the ground, with your hip bone also parallel to the ground. When selecting the item, we suggest choosing a size based on your hip measurement, rather than your waist measurement, as the size around your hip determines how comfortable the underwear will fit. For more detailed information, please refer to our SIZING GUIDE.


  • How do I take care of my TOOT collection?

    Please be sure to read the washing instructions attached on the product and the ''OVERVIEW'' on the product page before washing.
    - Use a laundry net to relieve stress on the fabric.
    - Some product is not machine-washable, should be hand-washed. Please also refer to the label for washing instruction by pictograms attached on the product before washing.
    - Use mild laundry detergent which does not contain fluorescent brightening agent.
    - Use an appropriate amount of neutral and mild detergent, as excessive detergent may cause insufficient rinsing and damage the fabric.
    - When wash, differentiate colors and printed patterns to prevent dye transfer. Separate dark and light colors, and prioritize the color of the fabric if the waistband and the main fabric have different color shades.
    - Do not use a dryer as it may cause damage, shrinkage, or fading of the fabric.
    - Dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place, as direct sunlight can accelerate the deterioration and discoloration of the fabric.
    - Wear one not so frequently, like wearing in everyday rotation is the way to slow down the deterioration of the product caused by friction and so on.
    - Store in a place with low humidity and no direct sunlight to prevent the deterioration of the fabric, such as yellowing and discoloration.

  • How do I remove the stain?

    If your garment has stains, we recommend using a neutral and mild detergent to wash it. Please avoid using optical brighteners and bleach, as they can potentially cause discoloration or affect the color in other ways.