Item No. KK-225-RAM


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Item No. KK-225-RAM
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【Design & Function】
A special model from KATSUYUKI KODAMA, made with a lavish number of studs from RAMPONI, a major fashion brand from Italy, on the front. Its uniqueness lies in its lack of stitches and its solid and compact appearance. The buckle parts on the tops of the shoulders can be removed or attached to be used two ways, as a backpack or body bag. The back pocket comes with a sleeve that can store a laptop or tablet of up to 13 inches. By inserting a four-layered core into the back, there is less burden on the back, and it also keeps the shape of the bag. It is a special model that is comfortable on the shoulders and feels stable.

Our products use materials processed to fully feature the original texture of leather. Respecting the facial expression of leather, we do not process excessive dyeing and color stopping. When wearing a cloth in light color, please be careful as leather dyes may adhere to clothes. In addition, the leather material is weak to moisture and it will cause color fading and spots if it gets wet with water. If it gets wet, please dry well (natural drying) before use. Avoid hot and humid places when storing for a long time. Avoid using bags, accessories for washing or tumble dry.


Made in JAPAN

2018-12-13 UP.

Outside: Cow Leather
Indside: Nylon, Cow Leather

Model size: M
(Height 176cm/ Weight 72kg/Hip 95cm)

S size: Hip 82-89cm (68-76cm waist)
M size: Hip 88-95cm (76-84cm waist)
L size: Hip 94-101cm (84-94cm waist)
XL Size: Hip 100-108cm (94-104cm waist)
* 1cm = 0.39inch

* To wear comfortable, we recommend you to select by the size of your actually measured HIP SIZE, rather than waist size.